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Pilates with Maggie Desenberg

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Tai Chi with Colin Snow

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“I have been training clients in the exercise methods of Pilates and Gyrotonic® since 1997.  Whenever I have a client with a challenging physical issue I send them to Phil.  I trust him implicitly to work with my clients, and keep me informed about what needs to be done in our sessions to further their progress.  I have watched each and every client get results from Phil's work for physical challenges they feared would never get better.”

- M. Dessenberg, Certified Pilates and Gyrotonic® Instructor

“Many people think physical therapy consists of pulling and pushing things that hurt. What distinguishes Phil Orenstein and his colleagues is their ability to help a patient heal himself. And, they do this in coordination with other medical providers. They take the time to be thoughtful and thorough.”

- R. Sayre, Minneapolis

“My neurosurgeon referred me after 14 years of suffering.  He said if anyone could help me, Phil could.  I never thought I would feel this good again.  I have learned so much from Phil and Nick.  My quality of life has improved unbelievably.  They are caring, extremely knowledgeable, and think outside the box.  They are not your average physical therapists.  It is not just a job to them.  They share their knowledge and give you the tools to use in your daily life.”

- P. O’Rourke, Bloomington