Phil Orenstein

Phil’s career began over 28 years ago, in a large metropolitan hospital.  He soon became curious about alternative ways of helping people get better, which prompted him to create his own practice at the Marsh Fitness Center in the early nineties.  His commitment to treating the “whole” person strengthened and grew during that time, and in 1998 he launched Orenstein Physical Therapy.

Phil is known for his sensitive hands-on and intuitive skills – his ability to tune-in and listen deeply to each of his patients.  From that point of listening he works to re-organize, and train the body to recover “forgotten” movement.    This highly unique approach takes on the whole-body as Phil and his colleagues work to restore a sense of awareness, reeducate conscious movement, create individually tailored exercise strategies, and develop subconscious (or natural) control.  What you will find here is physical therapy that is extremely effective in relieving stress and strain, reducing pain, and ultimately restoring health and functional balance.

Phil believes it is essential to communicate and collaborate with other practitioners involved in the care of his patients.  He welcomes the opportunity to blend in the work of acupuncturists, movement and massage therapists, personal trainers, physicians and other caregivers to create the most successful path to wellness.

Phil is continually learning about the body, how it works, and how we can work to heal it - from the foods we eat, to the way we work and play.  He has conducted seminars and workshops for physicians, health care providers and caregivers throughout the Twin Cities.  He recently experienced the journey of recovery first-hand after having his hip replaced due to an athletic injury.  He is a life long lover of sport - from tennis and golf, to Saturday night bowling.

“The minute you walk in the door you know something is different.  It's not the clinical feel you get in a doctor's office or rehab facility. Phil not only has the technical skill, but also is the most intuitive therapist I've ever been to. He is a healer, a gifted practitioner,  and an asset to this community.  I feel so grateful each time I go to see him and so does my body.”

- S. O’Connor, Minneapolis

“Never have I had physical therapy that was done more sensitively and intelligently. Phil has the deepest understanding of the body of any therapist I have ever worked with.”

- C. Kastigar, Minneapolis