Welcome to Orenstein Physical Therapy, a progressive physical therapy practice located on the corner of 50th and France, in Southwest Minneapolis. Broad in scope, and creative in delivery, Orenstein Physical Therapy redefines the art and science of physical therapy. As our logo suggests, we step outside the box of traditional care to be a partner with you on the path to well being.

Founded by Phil Orenstein, our practice embraces the best of both traditional western medicine, and eastern philosophies of care. Phil received his professional training at the world renowned Mayo Clinic. Personally, he has been transformed by the practice of Yoga, and he has found the principles and postures of this centuries old tradition to be invaluable in his work with patients.

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“I have received so much more than freedom and comfort in movement.  I have learned so much more than exercises I need to do to maintain my strength of body.  I have experienced soul care through dependable relationships and depthful communication.  It is not just physical therapy.  It is an avenue into the flow of being: physical being, psychological being, spiritual being. Phil and his staff are gifted beyond their training, and it is an honor to receive that gift.”

- M. McKenzie, Minneapolis

“I first saw Phil because my feet were very slow to recover after bunion surgery. He lived up to his reputation as an intelligent, intuitive, and insightful physical therapist. He helped me develop my own path on this journey, getting both my feet back to where I want them.”

- P. Scully, Minneapolis